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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions


Full terms and conditions, along with an information pamplet will be given upon your enquiry. No deposit or booking forms required. Full contact details must be made available in case of emergencies. No cancellation fee with reasonable notice of cancellation.

Public liability insurance is provided by Cliverton and covers up to £10,000 liability for animals in our care and up to £10,000 for loss of keys & replacement locks.


Your Dog

Dogs with behavioral issues will also be walked, and by using our own techniques, we hope to resolve any problems, such as pulling and bad habits on the lead.


Owners will be contacted in the event of an emergency, and it is advised that owners provide details of any health issues, along with veterinary details.



Payment can be made on the day, weekly, or monthly via cash, cheque, or electronic payment. Payment for holiday help is to be made in advance, and is non-refundable unless a minimum of one week's cancellation notice is given. A receipt will also be provided upon payment.


Price Plans

If you are on the weekly price plan, and you cancel any walks throughout the week, the remaining walks will be charged at £10 per walk.  

Evening Walks 

Any walks after 6pm Monday - Friday will incur a surcharge.  

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